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In the realm of mental health, Ms. Nidhi honed her skills through training under seasoned psychologists and psychiatrists from Mumbai and Delhi. This invaluable experience equipped her with a profound understanding of psychology, enabling her to offer adept counseling and support for individuals grappling with mental health challenges. Furthermore, Ms. Nidhi underwent comprehensive training in various counseling processes and therapies through Vaiklavya, showcasing her commitment to continuous learning and optimal patient care.

Driven by a fervent passion for making a difference, Ms. Nidhi actively collaborated with diverse organizations to advocate for mental health awareness. Her impactful initiatives encompassed conducting workshops for underprivileged children and residents of elderly care facilities during her tenure with “Avec U,” where she earned recognition as the top intern. Additionally, Ms. Nidhi pursued specialized training with Akshar Training and Consultancy, delving into relaxation therapies tailored for counseling environments.

Her unwavering dedication extended to exploring the domain of “Criminal & Forensic Psychology” with PSYCHVIGYAAN – Enhancing Lives, a program that provided her with profound insights into criminal psychology and a heightened ability to empathize with those affected by the criminal justice system.

Ms. Nidhi’s expertise encompasses the completion of training in the Robert Carkhuff model of personal and applied Transactional Analysis (TA), a pragmatic approach that fosters self-awareness and adept relationship management.

Guided by her personal philosophy, Ms. Nidhi perceives any form of mental distress as an opportunity for growth and self-improvement. Her optimistic perspective, coupled with her unyielding commitment to aiding others, has positioned her as an invaluable asset within the mental health community. Notably, Ms. Nidhi has left an indelible impact as a child psychologist across various clinics in Mumbai, effectively assisting numerous children in overcoming their mental health obstacles.

In summation, Ms. Nidhi’s unwavering dedication, coupled with her proficiency in diverse counseling modalities, underscores her standing as an exemplary counseling psychologist. Her resolute work ethic and positive outlook synergize to facilitate optimal care and support for her patients.